Collection: Intention Bracelets

Anahata Intention Bracelets are true malas to help you manifest real change in your life.  Malas are used in the age-old yogic practice of repeating a mantra, which is a word or phrase to focus your attention on during meditation.  On a deeper level it is the vibrations of the words that allow transformation within our cells and thought patterns. It can be a phrase in honor of a god, a gratitude statement, or a positive affirmation of a new way of being.  The key is to have it arise sincerely from your heart. This is a sublime practice of honing in with clarity on your deepest goals and intentions to manifest a life of your own creation.  Transformation lies in the recognition that your thoughts and intentions directly lead to the actions you take in your life, whether for good or for bad, and the end result is what constitutes the fabric of your life.  In other words, your thoughts create your world.  So why not focus on the type of world you want to be in and allow it to manifest through your thoughts.  Get clear on what you want, create a concise mantra for it, and repeat it with each bead.  Go around the bracelet 4 times for a total count of 108, which is the traditional number of times to build concentration and new pathways in the brain.  Keep up this practice every day for at least 30 days and you're literally aligning your whole being toward the creation of a life of your choosing.