"Don't waste this precious life.  Serve, love and give from your heart!" - Swami Vishnudevananda
Lakshmi Lotus Earrings - limited edition of 6 
We are so excited to offer these Lotus Stud earrings in honor of Mother Lakshmi!  She is the goddess of abundance in all things material and spiritual and bright fuchsia is her color.  Hand enameled by an artist in New York, these stud earrings are created with a loving intention of prosperity and beauty.  Tune your intention to her vibration and watch all the gifts you desire enter your life! 
Spotlight item of the day - Karma Yoga Towels
Pure hand woven cotton, made by women collectives in the foothills of the Atlas mountains of Morocco.  These are the best towels for hot yoga - great traction on the hands, it stays put on your mat, and covers the full length of a standard yoga mat with a little extra width on the sides.  Plus your support goes toward maintaining a sustainable income for women and the continuance of age old craftsmanship. 
Get them for the special price of $55 for the month of November!

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