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Grand Vision Earrings

Grand Vision Earrings

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You have the power to envision your future. It is possible to create your life rather than to allow things to simply happen to you.  Essentially this is what our spiritual practices are about, regardless of the tradition you follow.  We connect in to a higher plane to deepen our understanding of our Selves, to surrender to the cosmic forces that governthe universe, and to feel the endless possibilities that are out there.  There is a greatness/ force/ entity/ being/ power/ consciousness - whatever you want to call it, that is not just out there somewhere but is within us and is a part of us.  Tap in to that realm and start to see possibilities open up.  What would your life look like if you crafted it? What kind of people would be there?  What would you be doing? Where would you be?  You simply have to allow these things in to your life, and the way to start is with getting clear on what you want and start directing your energies toward it.  Use our Grand Vision Earrings as a reminder or a portal to channel the things you want to manifest.  Your intentions, thoughts and convictions will get you there but these earrings are powerful talismans to aid in that transformation. 

The top part is the six pointed star comprised of two equilateral triangles, the upward pointing one representing the masculine or Siva energy, and the downward pointing one representing the feminine or Shakti energy of the universe.  The two forces can be found in everything in the universe to varying degrees, and when joined together form the six pointed star.  The dot in the center is the bhindu and acts at the focal point or seed of concentration and symbolizes our existence as part of creation.

These are available in rhodium plated sterling silver with a sodalite bead and in 18k gold plated over brass with tiger eye bead.

The beads also spin making these great for those moments of contemplation ;)

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