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Anahata is the Sanskrit name of the heart chakra, the energy center in the middle of the chest.

I've been a yogi since 1992, when I first came across yoga and vedanta philosophy in college and I was hooked.  It just made sense to me and felt like home.  In 2005 I became a student at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in NYC and have been a regular student of vedanta philosophy and the yoga lifestyle through all these years.  I have been teaching yoga and meditation regularly since 2011 and love every minute of the journey.

I've also been a product designer since 1994, designing home accessories and furniture for many top brands throughout the world.  I got into jewelry design and production in 2009 and now exclusively focus on it for myself and other companies as well.

Anahata is the union of both of my life long passions.  It has been my friend through my own personal spiritual evolution, that is on-going.  It has not been easy work to understand the nature of my own mind, to get through the emotional baggage inherited through a difficult childhood and family life, and to shine the light in all the dark corners of my personality.  There were a lot of dark corners. Some are still hiding in there but the extraction process has become gentler and easier.  

This journey has had its ups and downs.  The down moments when I slipped back into old ways of being are when I especially needed to hold on to my practices of yoga and meditation, to keep coming back to the observation of my mind and to the awareness of the now rather than the stories made up in my mind. 

The jewelry continually serves as a reminder to stay in the light.  We all have the light within us and it wants nothing more than to shine and to be expressed in its perfect wholeness through us, just as it is.  

My journey is not unique.  The details vary from person to person, but learning how to navigate this experience of being human is shared.  Anahata holds space for this experience.  It goes way beyond jewelry.  Its about connected spirits that offer compassion and understanding and help to one another.

If I can share the tools that I have learned in my long journey of self exploration I will have achieved something.

Wishing you all lots of courage in your journeys.

Sending you lots of love, healing and support from my heart. 

Please email if you have anything you'd like to share. om@anahatapath.com


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