About Us

Anahata is about being your best Self, and we want to support everyone who is working hard on that path.  Empower yourself with positive affirmations, mantras, and symbols charged with higher vibrations to get you where you want to be.  You owe it to yourself to help support and sustain your practice.  Find in our collection of personal talismans a token that speaks to you and let it remind you of your goals, hopes and desires.  
State your affirmations.  
Find your truth.   
Drop us an email at om@anahatapath.com
Anahata was founded by a life long Sivananda devotee, and the heart of the collection is driven by his teachings of Yoga and Vedanta. With a focus on the spiritual path and the attainment of liberation, his lucid teachings of this ancient philosophy have helped millions of people worldwide seek and understand their true nature and the workings of the universe.  Yoga teaches us how to live in this human body, in this world we perceive as reality and how each individual moves within it.
Our OM series is the start of a unique collection of fine jewelry centered around positive intentions lovingly designed and hand made.  Everything is made is solid sterling silver, with most styles also offered in 18k gold plating and rose gold plating.  Our collection is growing so check back with us to see the latest additions and sign up for our mailing list.
Many thanks for your support.
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