About Us

Anahata is all about transformation of the heart.

I got the idea to start the collection in 2011 while working as a resident karma yogi at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in NYC. I had been a regular student there for many years and would go to yoga class in the evenings after my job as a designer.  I've been a jewelry and home accessories designer for over 25 years and have created many unique items for high end clients around the world.  I was working the desk one afternoon during my residency and it was as though Swami Sivananda sent me the message himself - start a collection of jewelry that will help keep people on the path. I had begun my spiritual journey that year after reaching a breaking point in several years of deep unhappiness.  I left my marriage of 15 years, quit my job of 10 years and started down the uncomfortable and often painful path of confronting myself.  Something felt deeply broken and I knew I had to address the unresolved issues, fears, dramas, stories of the past, and emotional baggage that the years had accumulated.  I didn't see a way forward without diving deep and clearing out the muck of myself. 

The path of yoga is one of deep self reflection in order to understand ourselves and to realize our true nature.  In vedanta philosophy we are all ultimately one with everything in this universe and are composed of pure light and love. It sounds like a rose colored glasses story but to give up the ego, put the baggage down, to bear insult and injury, to forgive and to love with an open heart, to have ultimate compassion for ourselves and for all of life - these are what I have come to believe as being the real lessons of this life.  It is possible to see ourselves in every other person, whether we know them or not. 

Anahata is the name of the heart chakra.  The collection is a perfect synthesis of my two life-long passions - design and yoga.  I started the collection 3 years ago as a means for people to have a token that reminds them of where they are headed because I thought many people might need the same kind of support that I needed.  I see the jewelry as a marker on a path, a sign that says "this way". We have breakthrough  moments and glimpses of our real greatness and we want to keep those lessons with us.  If we forget them then we end up where we started and haven't really learned about our Selves.  It is the pursuit of our higher Selves that keeps us growing and learning.  We learn to put down the baggage of the past.  We learn to have gratitude for the things we do have.  We learn to envision a future of our own creation, not merely led by circumstances and events that happen around us.  We learn that we are stronger than we know and do in fact have the capacity for endless love and compassion.  We learn that simple devotion from the heart, chanting the names of god in whatever form or repeating a mantra can truly elevate our being down to the cellular level.  We learn that there are powers unseen that we must have faith in and surrender to.  The journey is a long one and if sought after authentically goes on for the rest of our lives. But its never too late to start the search and to admit that we need help and encouragement along the way.  What I know is how to design and make jewelry and if these tokens can help you in a small way to stay empowered and stay on the path then I will be serving a small purpose in this world.  

State your affirmations.  Find your truth.   Live the fullest life you can, one that is of your saying.  Because we do have a say in how we get through this journey.

Many thanks for your support. I'm always open to emails if anyone wants to share their story or find support on a deeper level.  om@anahatapath.com  

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