Intention Setting

Our intention is the energy behind the things we say and do in this world.  Its the spark of energy that moves a seed to germinate, the spark that sets us into motion to act on our thoughts. 

Its different than a goal.  A goal is a result, an outcome that is sought after, whereas the intention is the spark that sets you toward your goal and determines the quality of its outcome.  An intention can produce a result beyond your wildest dreams.  It is limitless.  An intention stems from the heart, whereas a goal stems from the mind.  Goals are important to set, but it is your intention that will determine how close it comes to what you envisioned. 

Anahata Intention Bracelets are powerful tools to help you set your intentions and stick to them as a practice.  They are a mechanism to focus your mind and bring you into alignment with the energy of the things you want to manifest in your life.  

Their power lies in their use in mantra repetition, so you can recite your intention as a mantra in rounds of 108 for a period of 40 days to root your mind firmly in those energies you want to cultivate.   Watch our video tutorial on how to meditate with our bracelets.

I think of intentions as seeds that we sow.  At any given moment we have a vast array of seeds to choose from to plant and nurture.  A seed of love and kindness will germinate and flourish with love and kindness.  A seed of negativity - anger, vengeance, jealousy, etc. - will breed more of those qualities.  In every waking moment we choose which seeds we want to sow.  A harvest will happen either way.  You get to decide if its a harvest of the things you want or the things you don't want.

Ask yourself these questions to begin to define your intention:

What kind of future do I want for myself and my family?

What do I want more of in my life?

What do I want to attract?

What values do I want to cultivate and be surrounded by in daily life?

Its important to answer the 'what' questions, and then leave the 'how' to the universe.  Our minds will want to figure out the how and that is where we get trapped.  The how will come if you know what you want.  Have faith. 


Anatomy of an Intention Bracelet

Our bracelets are handmade either by myself or the artisans I work with in my workshop.  There are 27 beads, plus a metal bead called an Activation Bead.  This bead is traditionally called a guru bead and marks the end of a round.  You go around your bracelet 4 times to complete one round of 108, the traditional number used in yogic practices.

The Activation bead is an icosahedron shape, comprised of 20 equilateral triangles and plays a profound role in sacred geometry.  It is one of the five Platonic solid shapes, and represents the element of water. This bead does not get counted into the 108, which is explained below.

 How to meditate with the bracelets

1 - Get comfortable.  Sit on the floor or in a chair, just make sure your spine is upright.  This is the best way to breathe into the full body and to allow the energy to flow freely in your system.  Also try to be in a peaceful and orderly space without too much clutter or distraction. 

2 - Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Inhale completely and exhale fully.  Try to make your exhale slow and twice as long as your inhale.  This will calm the nervous system.  Take a few breaths like this until you feel calm and centered.  If you find your mind is producing too many thoughts, then bring your awareness to your breath and notice how it feels going in and out.  The mind will settle down.

3 - Set your intention.  If you haven't already, think of something you want:  a prayer for a loved one, more peace in your life, a positive habit you want to foster, more love, more joy, more money, etc.  The list is endless.  Make your intention a clear and concise statement from the heart.  That's your mantra. If you're working with a devotional mantra from the list that's great too.  Remember the practice is to meditate with the same mantra for 40 days. 

4 - Start repeating.  Take your bracelet in your right hand and let it hang from your middle finger.  With your thumb on the first bead after the Activation bead, state your mantra then advance to the next bead. Keep stating your mantra and keep advancing the beads with your thumb until you get around to the metal Activation bead again.  When you get to the metal bead don't jump over it, just turn the bracelet around and keep repeating your mantra.  Do this until you go around a total of 4 times, keeping track of which round you're on. 

A note about the fingers - Each finger has a different energy and traditionally the index finger is not used in mantra repetition because it represents the ego which we want to subdue. Usually the index finger is just left sticking out straight while your thumb and middle finger do the work.  Please remember that your intention and meditation are the important practices here so you can adhere to tradition if it suits you, or not.  Don't stress about the fingers and do what is comfortable for you.

5 - After 4 rounds you've completed 108 recitations!  This is traditionally called a mala. You can continue repeating as many times as you feel compelled, or you can stop.  It is a very peaceful practice so if you have the time allow yourself the space for this peace and do several malas.

6 - Do this every day for 40 days.  Even if you only have 5 minutes a day it is very powerful to get centered and grounded in your breath and mind.  Watch the magic start to unfold in your life.  Observe the clarity of mind and peace you will gain.


Anahata Intention Bracelets

The different stones and their properties

The stones are all natural and have different energetic and healing properties that are listed below.  Choose what speaks to you. 

Because the stones are natural no two are exactly alike.  The Activation beads are sterling silver plated in rhodium or 18k gold.  If you need help in selecting the right stone email me at 

Click on the images to the left to go to the page for that bracelet.


Positivity, Clarity and Cleansing   Ice Flake Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal has the power to cleanse.  Use it to clear out any negativity in your aura or in your environment.  Let it bring clarity of thought and the positive energy you need to overcome perceived obstacles generated by your own negative belief patterns.



Spiritual Attunement and Calming   Howlite

Anahata Howlite Intention Bracelet

Howlite helps facilitate the clarity of mind needed to connect to your higher consciousness.  It aids in building awareness, focus and emotional expression.  It helps relieve tension, anxiety and stress, allowing for restful sleep by calming the overactive mind.  It can also deflect negative energies away from you. 


Love, Compassion and Forgiveness   Rose Quartz 

Anahata Rose Quartz Intention Bracelet

Rose Quartz is a great stone for clearing any stagnant energies of the heart.  It opens the heart for the giving and receiving of unconditional love. It allows us to access our compassion for ourselves and for others, an attribute that is incredibly healing as it cultivates empathy.  It also deepens our connections with our loved ones and provides protection for our heart as well.


Grounding, Peace and Courage  Tigereye

Anahata Tigereye Intentin Bracelet

Tigereye offers a very grounding energy.  If you're feeling unstable, anxious or out of balance, this is a great stone to wear to bring in harmony.  It offers courage and the self confidence to tackle the challenges of life with focus and stability.



Luck, Protection and Health  Jade

Anahata Jade Intention Bracelet

Jade has long been used to balance the health and the energy flow of the body.  It provides the wisdom to connect in to your divine light and to recognize it in others.  It helps you feel aligned with your calling and that allows for luck, protection, health and generally the life force to flow freely.


Healing, Purifying and Intuition  Amethyst

Anahata Amethyst Intentin Bracelet

Amethyst is a high frequency stone used for purification and removal of negative energies.  Use it to cleanse your aura and home environment so you feel protected.  It offers physical and emotional healing and gets blockages out of the way so that your higher powers are free to connect into the spiritual realms.


Transformation, Intuition and Resilience  Labradorite

Anahata labradorite Intention Bracelet

This is the ultimate support for transformational journeys.  It enhances mental and intuitive abilities by providing access to the psychic realms.  It tempers negative thoughts and habits, allowing positivity and spiritual focus to stay present in your life.  Labradorite also provides a sense of resilience and strength to stay on your journey of personal discovery.


Grounding, Courage and Calm  Black Lava

Anahata Black Lava Intention Bracelet

Black lava springs from the center of the earth as fire, an element of purification.  Natural lava stone is considered the stone of rebirth.  It helps shed unnecessary layers of emotional attachment and is very grounding.  Is is great for finding stability in the root chakra during times of transition.  It helps calm the emotions and provides a sense of safety in moving forward.


Uplifting, Rebalancing and Communication  Blue Kyanite

Anahata Blue Kyanite Intention Bracelet

This is a high vibrational stone that energizes all the energy centers in the body, particularly the throat chakra.  It enhances any slumped mood.  This stone opens up pathways of communication with others and with the spirit realms.  it helps you to trust your intuition and live a peaceful and healthy life.


Clarity, Cleansing and Calm  Aquamarine

Anahata aquamarine intention bracelet

Evoking the purity of the sea, aquamarine brings in calming, soothing and cleansing energies.  It inspires truth in your word, trust in your actions and courage to let go of what no longer serves you.  It opens the channels for clear and heartfelt communication with loved ones.  


Joy, Tenderness and Boundless Love  Rhodochrosite

Anahata Rhodochrosite Intention Bracelet

Rhodochrosite emits the frequency of pure love.  It has a tender energy that soothes the heart chakra, comforts the soul and brings inner peace.  it brings compassion and selfless love.  This is great for clearing the solar plexus region and allowing a free flow of energy between the upper and lower energy centers of the body.  Embrace your inner child with joy and playfulness that this stone brings.  


Manifesting, Revitalizing and Discernment  Red Aventurine

Anahata red aventurine intention bracelet

Increase your flow of prana, or life force, with aventurine.  This is a stone to encourage manifestation through action, revitalizing the physical body and providing the energy to get things done.  It opens up the root chakra energies.  It offers mental alertness and the determination to take on challenges.  Red aventurine allows for the discernment between those energies and decisions that serve your highest good and those that don't.