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Black Lava Intention Bracelet

Black Lava Intention Bracelet

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Transformation bead color

GROUNDING, COURAGE, and CALM.  Black lava is a stone we could all use.  It is actual molten lava that has cooled quickly, and has a naturally pitted and irregular surface with an intense matte black color.  Because it is sprung from the center of the earth as fire, it is considered to be a stone of rebirth and aids in shedding unnecessary layers of emotional attachment.  It's great for finding stability in the root chakra, particularly during times of transition and change.  It is a stone of courage and is wonderful for calming the emotions.  Select from a gold or silver colored Activation Bead.

Use this bracelet as a daily practice of meditation and mantra repetition to gain inner peace and strength.  Read our Intention Setting page for full details about how to activate your bracelet.

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