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Evil Eye Ring

Evil Eye Ring

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Visioning is a powerful tool for transformation.  Is there something you've been wanting in your life but haven't been able to get?  Is there a negative habit you're aware of that you just can't seem to flip?  Is there a possibility of a new way of being for yourself? Getting a clear vision of the things you wish to manifest in your life is the first step in allowing them to actually appear.  Envision what you want your life to look like - the shapes, textures, people, colors, feelings, etc.  Use this eye as a portal for that vision toward your highest and best life that is of your own creation. Visioning can actually help you get clear on your thought process too, because we can't always think our way through our problems.  It also wards off the "evil eye" and provides protection against negative energies.  Imagine that everything is possible and it will be so!

This ring is hand enameled in blue and white with a tiny black center crystal. The silver version is sterling silver with rhodium plating, and the gold is 18k plating over brass.  They are fully adjustable in size.

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