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Quartz Crystal Ganesh Pendant

Quartz Crystal Ganesh Pendant

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Ganesh carved in quartz crystal is a purely magical talisman.  He is the widely beloved elephant-headed Hindu god known as the remover of obstacles.  Invoke him at the beginning of events and prayer ceremonies to insure your path is free and unobstructed. His energy instills confidence and the courage you need on your journey through life.  He helps usher in new beginnings with good luck, success, clarity, hope and steadiness.  Call in his energy to gain faith and rid yourself of worry and fear.  Hold the crystal pendant in your palm, close your eyes and breathe.  Your vibration will rise to the level you need to charge forward with confidence while trusting that everything is unfolding for you exactly as its supposed to.

If you are starting a new endeavor, like a job or relationship, the Ganesh mantra is a good one to help assuage any fears of the unknown.  This mantra is associated with the root chakra, which is where our foundational energies like our stability, instinct, survival, and our sense of groundedness to the earth lie. 

This crystal Ganesh is hand carved in India out of clear quartz crystal with a sterling silver prong setting.  No two will be exactly alike.  It comes on an adjustable leather cord in a tan or dark brown color, with a maximum length of 34".  You can make it as short as you need. 

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