Getting what you want

Getting what you want

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Every decision we make in our daily lives is a chance for us to get exactly what we want.  I'm not talking about getting material things.  I'm talking about getting to lead a life of our own choosing, that is as fulfilling and rewarding as we want it to be.

We all have an inner voice that knows what we want our lives to look like.  It knows the texture of the energies we want in our surroundings, the people and the feelings we want to feel and the places we want to be.  It knows what brings us joy and laughter and love.  It knows that we can decide to have all of the things we want in life when we act in alignment with our values.

Our inner guidance is based on a value system that we determine to be essential to our way of being and moving through life and cannot be compromised.  For example, if peace is what you deem important then be clear that you want peace and make all of your decisions, words and actions in alignment with a peaceful way of being. If you have a need to be right all the time and its important for you to let others know that things should be the way you see them, then be clear that you are opting out of peace.  Knowing that your decisions will lead to disharmony and conflict is an equally valuable understanding. 

Helping others, bringing joy to peoples lives, being in acceptance with what is, being happy, being an inspiration to others, treating everyone with equality, knowing the importance of your own mental and physical health – these are just a few of the things we can deem to be part of our value systems. 

Look inside to determine what your value system is.  What is important to you that cannot be compromised?  Once you get clear on what you value then what you want in life becomes clear.  When you know what you want then you start to see your life as an endless stream of opportunities to get what you want.

Sometimes the chatter in our minds is too loud for us to hear the inner guidance that knows what we want. In the endless stream of decisions we make throughout our daily lives we can take a moment to be still, take a breath if needed and decide whether to choose to live in alignment with our values or against them. No decision is small and each one has the potential to change our lives for the better.  That moment of stillness becomes the space for your inner voice to be heard and for you to choose to live your life in alignment with what you value most.

The mind will also want to try to figure it all out.  When you determine what you value and what you want in life, the mind will want to figure out the HOW.  It will present a list of all the reasons why you cannot even attempt what you want, let alone achieve it.  The mind will tell you all the perfectly logical ways in which what you want is not possible.  Your mind will say for example "that person in my life is so awful there is no way that peace is possible." That's when we get stuck and feel as if we have no choice.  This can even feel like paralysis. 

But the choice is always ours.  As long as we know exactly what we value and what we want, then we will always have the choice to live in alignment and be guided by our inner voice.  I always like to say figure out the WHAT and leave the HOW up to the universe. 

That's why each decision we are faced with in our daily lives is an opportunity for that voice to be heard, to choose what serves us best according our values, and to honor the WHAT within us. It is a choice to be happy. It is a choice to live in the moment and welcome it and accept it just as it is.  It is a choice to be joyful.  Its a choice to have our environment feel harmonious and resonate with the aesthetic textures and vibrations that make us feel good.  It is a choice we make to get along with people.  It is a choice we make to lead a fulfilling life.  But we have to want it first. 


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