An Invitation to be.

An Invitation to be.

Stillness in the time of CoVID19

Anahata Intention bracelet meditation

The gift of meditation.

This global pause, despite the hardships, uncertainty, and toll on many lives, can be seen as a profound invitation.  It is an invitation to be still so that we can finally just be.  Stillness is the space where we can be calm, centered, connected into our spirit and strength, and free of judgement.  We don’t have to do anything, prove anything, or be like this or like that.  We can shed the outer roles we play and just simply be as we are, and know that that is enough. Our being is the only affirmation we need to know that we are connected to a unified consciousness, that we are whole and perfect just as we are in this moment.  

The saying that is attributed to the Dalai Lama goes “we are human beings, not human doings.”  The truth of this is making itself heard throughout the world in this moment.

We all move through this world with an outer persona comprised of all the different roles we play as partner, parent, child, business person, care taker, etc.  We also have an inherent knowing, on some level or another, that says that who we are is much greater than the summation of all the roles we play and things we do in this world and the labels we carry.  Only in stillness can we begin to shed the outer layers of persona to get to the core of our being-ness.  It is in this being-ness that we get to accept and love ourselves exactly as we are.   It is in this space where we find peace.  It is a space free from judgement, thought, worry and fear.  In the absence of these things emerges a deep abiding faith that there are greater powers in the universe and that everything is exactly as it should be. 

So how exactly do we get still?

I often hear from students in my meditation classes that they can’t seem to calm their thoughts enough to get to the stillness. Our minds are always on, thinking about all manner of things at all times. But it is possible for us to reduce the amount of thoughts, to be centered in our bodies, connected to our breath, aware of what is around us in any given moment and to be at peace.

One of the most profound ways of stilling the mind that I have experienced over the years is to give it a point of focus in the form of a mantra and then to repeat that mantra.  A mantra is a short phrase that is a harmonizing sound vibration, and the practice of mantra repetition is one that dates back many thousands of years in India.  The verbal vibration, at first allows the mind to calm down and focus on something affirmative and up-lifting.  The repetition then works on a subtle level to start to quiet the mind.  The constant chatter ceases as the thought waves focus in on a singular vibrational frequency.  This is where the stillness emerges along with our being-ness. You can read more about the meanings of different mantras and how to choose one here.

The power of mantra meditation

Over time with prolonged repetition of the practice our subconscious thought patterns that have held us back from our strength or kept us in the loop of anger, resentment and fear, and the countless other patterns that do not serve us begin to be reprogrammed. The old patterns get replaced with an awareness that our existence as a fully alive and powerful being, free of mental constructs, has always been with us.  Positive thought patterns are formed and soon you start to see how much time you have wasted within the confines of the negative mind. 

So along with this global invite to stillness I invite you all to try this practice of mantra meditation with the Anahata Intention Bracelets.  In this video I talk you through how to select a mantra and how to meditate with it.  The bracelets were designed to help you keep focus and count on the number of times you repeat your mantra.  The traditional count is 108 times to complete one round.  You can do as many rounds as you like, and the meditation itself is recommended for a period of 40 continuous days.  Each repetition of your mantra leaves an impression on the mind.   Because you wear it on your wrist, it becomes a beautiful token reminder of your practice. Just a glance at it reminds you of your higher purpose, your peace of mind, and that you are absolutely perfect just because you are.

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